What the news doesn’t show you about Myanmar

Sanne van Oosten and Davey Meelker

Economic sanctions, no freedom of speech, political prisoners and a military junta. When venturing out to Myanmar we had expected to see impoverished and oppressed people, but the partying people celebrating the water festival, Tyngan, gave a completely different view. We arrived in Yangon on the 10th of April, knowing of the water festival, but not knowing the immense scope of it. From the 10th of April until the 16th it was impossible to set a foot outside without getting completely soaked.

Setting one foot outside ensured complete soaking, although always with a friendly smile.

Monks are exempt from water throwing, but hiding behind monks is fruitless

Since taxi’s don’t have air conditioning they keep the windows open anyway.

Would you believe it if I told you this picture was taken at 10 AM?


What is the youth doing while the parents are meditating in the temple?

At the end of the day.

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