12 things you’ll only see in China

Sanne van Oosten & Davey Meelker

Of course everybody knows the Great Wall, but there are many more peculiarities to China. Having had a 5000 year history of relative unity, they are culturally quite distinct from many other countries in the region (and for that matter, the world). But contemporary culture is also very distinct, there are so many things you’ll see in China that you won’t see anywhere else. Here’s our top 12 of strangest things you’ll see in China.

Every single train station, subway station and even busy public places, require you to scan your belongings before entrance. Is China so unsafe? Is security really such an issue? Read our blog about it here.

Follow the guide! And when doing so you have to wear matching hats of course! What does Chinese tourism tell you about political preferences? Read our blog about it here.

Chinese people are quite used to standing in line. And if this line is to take a picture in front of another picture that makes the line even better!

Cheese! Children learn about the importance of a good picture from a young age.

Why are his pants torn? Well, so he can drop his droppings whenever and whenever he pleases! Nobody minds children poo in the gutter or bus. Do you think this is uncivilized? No, Chinese people will tell you, diapers give children a rash, now THAT is uncivilized!

This is the entrance of a Chinese high school with pictures of their top students and a list of the average grades in front of the door. Student are driven by great competition, China might be more like the US than they would like to admit.

Of course having tanned hands is very ugly so we wear oven mits when biking. Everyone understands and nobody think this is weird at all.

A great feature of the Chinese culture is that all over the place you see people playing games together on the street. Mah-jjong, cards, checkers, you name it and they play it! Of course always with the obligatory crowds watching

When in love, adjust your wardrobe accordingly. What is a better way to show your mutual love for each other than to wear the same t-shirts?

Who says people in China can’t stand in line? They are great at it? Too bad there are always some people who will cut in line anyway…. Read the blog about the Chinese art form of pushing and shoving here.

Public toilets in which you can see each other squat is one thing, but why the lounge chairs? It isn’t the place I’d like to kick back for some R&R

The differences within China are incredibly vast and this picture illustrates this the best. Even though many people live in high-tech cosmopolitan cities, three million people also still live in caves. These caves are cut out of the mountains and made into primitive but comfortable dwellings. Even though we have listed all these peculiarities as ‘ typically Chinese’ there is absolutely no way you can call China a homogenous nation.

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