Jobless in the West? Become a professional white guy!

Davey Meelker

Now the West struggling to keep its job market up, it maybe is time to look to the East for jobs. Some highly educated people already made this move, but there are jobs for everyone. Don’t want to work at a multinational company or as an English teacher? Hire yourself out as a professional white guy!

Although China is booming, people here still look up to Westerners in some ways. This can be annoying because you, as a Westerner, will be asked to pose for pictures at the drop of a hat. But it also has an upside: it gives white Westerners easy job opportunities. As a Laowai, as the Chinese call the white foreigners, companies will hire you as a CEO, sitting at board meetings. Of course you don’t have to do anything except shake hands. Of course you don’t really have to be the CEO or have anything to do with the company, you just have to sit there and be white… oh yes, and male. You can also be asked to cut ribbons at factories, stores and restaurants, if they want to pretend that it is a Western brand that is opening. During Christmas time you will be hired to play Santa. Although most Chinese have no religion they are increasingly loving Christmas (maybe because it is only and excuse to shop).

Even though professional white guy tops the list of ridiculous professions, this will hopefully change. It would the best view Westerners as they are: not special, but just like anybody else. With the Chinese development chances are high that they will no longer show forms of adaptive behaviour to the West, but that the West will continue to adapt to China more and more culturally. Till that time you can make use of this positive discrimination. In the Netherlands, as in other European countries, the cultural sector suffered many blows in recent years. Especially the jobless actors and actresses are perfectly fit for this job. But also for others: if you are having troubles finding a job in the West, expand your borders and become a professional white guy!

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