In denial about Holocaust denial

Sherif A Rizk

Holocaust is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, a program of systematic state-sponsored extermination by Nazi Germany. But, why do so many people refuse to admit that fact that the Jews were persecuted and burned by the Nazi?

Or if even they say it happened, they always add that it was not 6 millions. They always add it was much less than that. But what really matters is the number or the idea!? I think if even one person, whatever the nationality or the ethnic background, has suffered any kind of discrimination, persecution or torture, that person should be defended. When you speculate  how  so many people react  in the Arab world, especially the leftists and the fundamentalists, they always try to belittle or even deny what really happened, you get shocked because you often find that the ideology controlling and limiting people’s freedom.

You can see the truth only when you are free. Ideology very often restricts the way one thinks. In free thinking you can’t set results before doing a lot of  research.

In history books in Egypt there are a lot of naïve things, one can’t imagine what they are thinking when they put that stuff in books. There are so many examples, in 1956 France, Israel and England attacked Egypt, it is a well known historic fact that the Russians and the Americans at this time threatened to attack London if the three armies didn’t leave, and they ordered the three armies to leave, as well as the strong resistance of the people of Port Said, however in history books one would find that they only mention the resistance of Port Said, weird isn’t it?

Why was the movie Shindler’s list forbidden in Egypt? That‘s a question that one may never get an answer for. It is quite clear that truth is sometimes so threatening. Truth is one thing that will lead to a life that one never regrets living. Living with lies would never help anyone get one step forward. It is sometimes hard to take it, but it is healing. One can never be healed unless he digs deep into the secrets of  life. Once one finds things that may go against all what he has ever believed in most of his life, one needs a great courage at this time to completely reconsider what he had before, and one also should expect to find out new things in the future that may also help him/her reshape his own ideology or convictions in life.

One can’t solve any single problem in his life unless he is free.  For freedom is the way to truth, and truth will make us all free. So it all begins and ends with FREEDOM.

Sherif A Rizk


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