What is really said at the Yasukuni-Jinja Museum, Yusukan

Sanne van Oosten & Davey Meelker

While visiting the Yasukuni-Jinja Museum we took many pictures of the outrageous captions that were used to frame the atrocities that had taken place during Japanese occupation across Asia. We have quoted many of the signs here but you can also take a firsthand look at the information that is being displayed. Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, and we think that this is one of those times.

Korea agreement – By using the words “agreement” and “treaty” it seems to be implied that both parties agreed to what was happening on an equal footing, whereas Korea definitely didn’t see it that way.

China loves Japan – The Western powers are being rightfully criticized, but do they claim the Chinese loved the Japanese? Today we have to meet the first Chinese that loves Japan

Nanjing Incident – the Japanese continue to downplay and deny what happened at the Massacre of Nanjing (also called Nanking), despite all evidence.

Moral Victory -Were the former colonies inspired by Japanese ideals? Are the Japanese therefore claiming to be the moral victors of the war?

Monument of Dr. Pal – Among all the judges of the Tokyo Tribunals he was the only one who insisted that all of the Japanese defendants being tried were not guilty.

Yasukuni-Jinja shrine – Outside are still, among the other Japanese casualties, class-A war criminals enshrined.

When will the Japanese ever apologize (like Germany did, read more about the difference between Japan and Germany here) and stop claiming they are the moral victors of the war? Through constantly denying what really happened and/or showing any kind of remorse they aren’t only complicating the already sore relations with their Asian neighbors, they are also denying recognition to so many victims that are still suffering the consequences of the war. Like so many other countries, it seems like Japan is too proud to say a simple sorry.

7 responses to “What is really said at the Yasukuni-Jinja Museum, Yusukan”

  1. Carl Andersson says :

    America created it’s enemies from the revolution years to this day and is still counting. They didn’t want competition in the Pacific and the Far East and did provoke Japan prior to WW2 by isolation campaigns very much the same as they now do to Iran, Cuba, Venezuela etc. Japan was forced to start de Pacific War through the blockade and US then used the conflict as an experimental scene to develop horrific weapons and test them on live targets who only was considered “monkeys” and “gooks”. Japan is the moral victor and is now outproducing the US with electronic, cars and what have you.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Hi, It’s really nice you can share this blog which notify us the truth behind the scenes. Also it’s helpful to my work , so I wonder if you can allow me to use some of pics from this blog. I cannot find your email add on this blog. You can contact me via dengjj@chinadaily.com.cn

  3. mark says :

    japan is a mafia country,should be destroied 100 times by nuclear bomb.

  4. Aunt Corrie says :

    I, along with my parents (now deceased), am a member of JES (Japanse Ereschulden). This is a Dutch organization still petitioning the Japanese Government for an apology and retribution for pain and suffering and loss of belongings, during the incarceration in the concentration camps. I believe the Japanese government will wait until the last one of us has died.

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