Obama, the clever bowling player.

Sherif Rizq

In a very decisive tone after the attacks of the American embassy in Libya, Obama warned that whoever may think of messing with the Americans to think twice before doing so. This was certainly a sort of message that would stress: “I am the leader of the only super power in the world. World beware of my anger”. This must have been recommended by Obama’s consultants with an eye on the upcoming elections. President Obama has been harshly criticized by Mitt Romney for his stand in the latest protests against American embassies around the Muslim world, an accusation that has been denied vehemently by Obama’s campaign.

Obama’s speech has made things quite clear to the Americans and the world. He pointed out that American values are untouchable. “I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day,” Mr. Obama said. “And I will defend their right to do so.” He also added that the killing of American ambassador and all the violence connected with the mocking of the prophet has been unnecessary and unjustifiable.

This speech served Obama a great deal, he was able to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. He sent different messages in different directions and hit all very well. The president must have been very good at bowling.  And this definitely made it clear that the US policy will take a different shape in the future.

Yet the naïve part in the speech was when he claimed confidently that American soldiers travel everywhere in the world to give people the right to express their views. This kind of would be more persuading to either Americans or the other countries, if he mentioned instead that sending American troops serves American interests abroad.

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