A day at the Amsterdam Osdorp refugee camp

Davey Meelker and Sanne van Oosten

What is life like in the Amsterdam Osdorp Notweg refugee camp? It is impossible to completely understand what it must be like to live here. Yesterday we wrote a blog about the situation, but these pictures also give an insight into the lives of the 80 people living here.

There are 80 people living in tents in the refugee camp at Notweg in Amsterdam. They told us about the cold and darkness at night. There is no electricity, gas or running water. No place to cook or to wash.

Luckily, people donate cloths and bring food every day. The inhabitants repeatedly said how well the people of Amsterdam treated them and it’s heartwarming to hear that there is so much solidarity. This cannot be said about the government who forbids them earn an honest living or even to travel.

The inhabitants of refugee come from everywhere. In total there are 17 different nationalities living in these miserable conditions.

There is no light or heating in tents where the people almost sleep on top of each other. At night the temperature drops belowe zero degrees. Of course, there is no heating or fire place.

What can the people do? They are eager to make something of their lives, but are trapped here.

When people prefer to live in those conditions instead of going home, then they must have good reasons.

And why are the lives of these people purposely made so difficult?

The sign says: “Human rights! Not for whom?” And indeed, the Netherlands are a country that is preaching human rights all over the world. Isn’t it completely hypocritical to violate human rights yourself in your own country? Practice what you preach!

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    Mooie website jongens !

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