12 things you’ll only see in Taiwan

Sanne van Oosten

Even though Taiwan is officially part of the Republic of China, it is nothing like China. Taiwan has a completely different feel to it and that is manifested in a host of things you’ll see in Taiwan, but nowhere else.

Every single Taiwanese electricity box is decorated with landscapes and flowers

All trash in Taiwan needs to be disposed of in expensive pink garbage bags bought at any convenience store or supermarket. This way people have the incentive to reduce, reuse and recycle. Garbage can only be put out in the street within half an hour of designated times at which the garbage truck comes to pick it up. Are you hearing a song that sounds like an ice-cream truck in Taiwan? Chances are that it is actually a garbage truck letting everyone know it is in the neighborhood.

Nowhere else will you see so many breastfeeding rooms than in Taiwan, even at the Taipei subway!

Just in case you don’t want to walk into the men’s room to find out that all the stalls are taken. Thanks to this sign you know what you are up for.

At a dinner buffet. The Taiwanese take hygiene extremely seriously.

At all tourist sites in Taiwan you’ll see signs informing Chinese tourists of the things their government is not informing them of.

Taiwan is probably the best place for succulent fruit ever. Here’s just one example of the many delicious fruits of Taiwan: Buddha head.

On the side of the road poor women often sell little bunches of flowers as air freshners and they smell a lot better than any packaged air freshner you’ll ever come across.

No, this is not some traditional Chinese character printed on the asfalt. It’s a person on a scooter. Because Taiwan’s scooter drivers get front row seats at every traffic light.

In Taiwan they always get cute women to lure you into buying stuff. Beetle nuts, juice and here, Taiwan beer.

Books distributed to Chinese tourists on why Communism is evil

Every time you see a sideways halo in Taiwan, you know you can buy beetle nuts there.

5 responses to “12 things you’ll only see in Taiwan”

  1. Kai says :

    Taiwan is not part of China

  2. shaira says :

    Hi! As far as I can remember, that fruit, Buddha head can Also be found in the Philippines!! 🙂 I think its called atis!!

  3. Mic Charles says :

    The comment on the pink garbage bags is incorrect. That may be the case in Taipei, but it is certainly not true all over this island. I live in the middle part of Taiwan, and you can put your garbage in any bags you want, and if the truck is near, you can simply hand the drivers your garbage. Also, I live in a building in which one can throw out trash 24 hours a day. It is simply put into dumpsters.

  4. free says :

    “Even though Taiwan is officially part of the Republic of China, it is nothing like China.”

    The Republic of China is Taiwan’s name. It is not “officially” affiliated with the People’s Republic of China, which is China.

  5. Fiona Chang says :

    Hi Sanna! How is your trip going? Where r u now? I do recognize some photos u took from our surroundings especially the quirky jewelry shop. Great posts! but it is pity that there are just few posts about Taiwan. Looking forward to seeing more in the future!! 🙂

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