12 things you’ll only see in Japan

Japan still has their own clothing style. People wear their kimono’s in public.

Davey Meelker

Japan has had quite a secluded history. While it witnessed how many of their Asian counterparts were being exploited by Western powers in the 17th century it decided that it didn’t want to face the same fate. Also, the colonial power of the Portuguese had only brought unwanted weapons and religion to their country. Therefore it decided to close itself off from the West and never allow any Westerners in their country, bar a few Dutch merchants at Nagasaki. In the 19th century the Japanese decided to open themselves up to the outside world and instated the Meiji Restoration in which they slowly allowed foreign influence, on their own terms. In this way Japan managed to keep a distinctly unique culture. Today this unique culture brings about many sights that you won’t witness anywhere else. Here are 21 things you’ll only see in Japan.

Japanese restaurants how to save manpower: your ordered sushi is delivered by a train. The only time you see a waitress is when you pay.

And when you want a drink, there is no need to go to a counter. Everywhere are machines!

Not only soft drinks are bought at machines. There is no human needed to serve a nice cold draft beer.

Japan has a lot of machines to save labour, but much technologically is considered old school nowadays. Look at this ATM

It seems like Japanese people want to escape the reality (click here to read more about Japanese escapism). One way to day is to eat at theme restaurants. For example you cab pretend that you are a patient in a mental hospital and have your diner in a prison cell.

Another way to escape reality and to relax after a sixteen hour work day is by going to a cat cafe. Play with a cat for eight euro’s for a half an hour.

Or just game all night in one of Tokyo huge arcades.

The Japanese love games so much that it made its way to the toilet. Pee as long as you can to look under to girl’s dress or fill a beer on the screen.

When you go to toilet you will definitely return clean as there are so many options to clean yourself. And, of course, don’t forget to start the music so that nobody can hear your toilet sounds.

To escape the real live Japanese drink a lot at average. It is not uncommon to find businessman sleeping in their suit on benches in the morning after an even of heavy drinking.

If your escapism is taking a more sexual turn, there are possibilities for that as well. Comic book porn, just the thing to turn you on.

This shocking DVD was for sale in plain sight at a manga store in Tokyo, probably the only place in the world where you could buy such a DVD so easily. And no, this is not a movie for children…

But if you are more interested in some real life actions with grown ups, there are endless possibilities as well. Here is an advertisement for a brothel. Japan is probably the only place where a brothel is advertised by showing a naked woman locked up in a tube.

And if you are a hard working salary man who doesn’t even have time to go home to sleep, you can always catch a few hours of Zzzzzs in a capsule hotel like this one. Everyone gets a little spaceship like these to sleep in. Feeling cramped? Welcome to Tokyo.

What? They’re still into that? Yes, even though Pokemon was a brief craze in the West it is still going strong in Japan. So strong that they built these Pokemon steps at the train station of Kyoto

Speaking of Japanese hypes… no this is not a advertisement for an escort service, this is an ad for a girls band. AKB48 is a group of 48ish girls who give massive performances in their very own theatre. Once the girls get to old (i.e. reach 18) they get replaced by younger specimens. Meanwhile, they are a great role model to Japanese girls, teaching them that they will be replaced when they get to old and that they should look like common prostitutes.

Ok, ok. We realize that these were more than 12 things you’ll only see in Japan, but the list could go on and on. Japan is probably the country that gave us the most culture shock out of all of the countries of our travels. Go to Japan and you are ensured of a unique experience, an experience I would have never wanted to miss.

9 responses to “12 things you’ll only see in Japan”

  1. Anonymous says :

    The child porn one, with the movie in a manga store, was probably a prank. I for one live in Osaka and frequently travel to Tokyo, and never once have I been in a manga store with child porn in it, other than Shotacon and Lolicon, which is animated and does no real harm. Some kids probably planted it there.

  2. Bobo says :

    “Meanwhile, they are a great role model to Japanese girls, teaching them that they will be replaced when they get to old and that they should look like common prostitutes.”

    But tell us how you really feel.

  3. Chris says :

    That machine is not an ATM machine! I saw a doctor in another city and they sent me a bill through the local hospital…I had to use this machine to pay the bill.

    • Davey says :

      I guess you can use it for different things: getting money and paying bills. Maybe it looks a bit old school, but it is again proof of Japan’s history of automatization. They are the best in that!

  4. Disappointed says :

    Poorly written and promoting a very negative view of Japan.

    • Davey says :

      Thanks for your comment. It is shame you are thinking that we are giving a negative image of Japan. We just stressed the things that surprised us…

  5. Cripto says :

    For the vending machine part, you forgot to mention that you can get anything from one. From soda to books and even cloths. Honestly tho, this was a nice list to read, it’s just to bad you kind of kept to only a few things and just expanded on them instead of getting different things all together.

  6. Bobby says :

    *kimonos *euros *”To escape real life” and the girl in the tube looks a lot like Misaka from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

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