12 things you’ll only see in Singapore

Davey Meelker

Since Singapore was established by Sir Raffles, Singapore has been a haven of free trade. And that has definitely paid off. The most high-tech country of Southeast Asia, where the subway is full of people on their iPhone and the streets are full with people listening to their own personal playlist. There are more typical things you’ll see in Singapore, but nowhere else.

Big Brother is watching you! Singapore is the wealthiest country of the region, but what is the price? Maybe privacy is less important.

Keep your inhabitants is line! Chaos will lead to a downfall, so that is not allowed.

Most media is government owned, is that a modern democracy?

Singapore is the greenest city I’ve ever been in. Buildings are covered with lots of plants and the streets are decorated with beautiful trees and flowers. That makes the city livable and great place to hang out.

But what about electricity usage? In 2010 Singapore (with 5.4 million inhabitants) used 41,2 billion kWh, more than twice as much as Nigeria (with more than 170 Million inhabitants). Buildings are cooled like fridges. Maybe Singapore can save on air-conditioning, so it is not necessary to bring a sweater to the mall or cinema anymore.

But on the other hand, much energy is used for the very impressive light/water show at Marina Bay. This is something you definitely don’t want to miss…

Because of all the accumulated wealth Singapore cannot only provide a sensational light/water show, but also great architecture. So, is the (harsh) government policy justified at the end?

What is great about Singapore is the mixed population. There are, for example, four official languages. And where do you see Asians of all different backgrounds dancing on country music in China town?

The diverse population results in all kinds of different beliefs. There are Muslims, Christians, Taoists, Hindus and of course Buddhists. Even the alleged tooth of Buddha is stored in Singapore.

Don’t forget the food. The Singaporean cuisine consists out of the best dishes from all over Asia. You can even sit outside on a closed off street in between skyscrapers and have a nice BBQ with fellow Singaporeans and travellers from all over the world.

Singapore is a bustling combination of old and new…

…and fake and real.

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2 responses to “12 things you’ll only see in Singapore”

  1. KAM says :

    So is this the Singapore you love and want to live in? Is this the Singapore you are building for your children?
    Or is someone building up Singapore, so that he can sell Singapore to the rich foreigners and then he can make money?

    Singapore, not a place called home anymore.

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