12 things you’ll only see in the Philippines

Davey Meelker

Having travelled throughout all of Southeast Asia, one country really stood out: the Philippines. Somehow it is completely different from all the other ASEAN countries we’ve visited. Is it because of the strong hold the colonial Spaniards had on the country? Is it because of the influence of the Catholic Church? Does it have to do with American colonial influence? Or does it have to do with the fact that the Philippines consist of a large number of small islands? I can’t give you the answer to this, but what I do know is that there are plenty of things you’ll not encounter anywhere else in the region… or in the world for that matter.

Of course, the famous Filipino Jeepney. The best way to get around, despite having to often get a little bit too intimate with strangers. To be seen in any Filipino city throughout the country. Once used as American military vehicles, now pimped in true Filipino style: lots of decorations, colors and the occasional reference to the Lord.

Only in the Philippines: numerous salons where men treat themselves to a fabulous manicure and/or pedicure. No they aren’t gay. And no, they do not doubt their manhood in doing so. Good for them.

Seen in a public toilet: a unique and creative way of preaching Comfort Room (i.e. C.R. better known as toilet) etiquette. Oh yes, notice that the toilet doesn’t have a door but a curtain.

Graves up high in the cliffs. I can give them props for efficiency.

Filipino haute cuisine: Halo Halo. All of the strangest ingredients put together to give you a sweet roller coaster food experience.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

So sweet that they warn you!

Mary the mother of God against a stunning background

Mary the mother of God against a… well… not so stunning background

Filippino’s always have creative ways of reminding you that you are being watched from above.

When asking how sharp “sharp” was meant as, they replied: “just come whenever you want”.

Sure, there are more countries in Asia where the people love to do karaoke, but in the Philippines they bring it to another level. Has anyone ever done A Capella Karaoke in a plane?

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One response to “12 things you’ll only see in the Philippines”

  1. Andrea376 says :

    Ha! ha! I found some of them quite hilarious 😀
    But then it happens with every country! I am sure you will agree that craziness is the funniest bone in human beings and that is reflected in their respective country. That is what makes us unique!

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