About Us

World news does not end when the hype does. Bloggers without Borders is a platform where young writers from all over the world can show their perspective on cultural, social and political issues. Our bloggers show a more authentic perspective on the situation in their country than the conventional media. Interested to join us? Go to the Join Us page.



Editor in Chief: 

Sanne van Oosten

Graduated in political science and sociology at the University of Amsterdam. She specialized in migration studies and found a deep interest in creating understanding between cultures throughout the world. She worked in the Dutch parliament as the assistant of a member of parliament, has experience in organizing lectures on political and societal subjects and is a self-employed entrepreneur in Amsterdam.


Graduated in political science and conflict studies at the University of Amsterdam, where he studied the various causes of conflicts in interest and possible strategies of resolution. He is deeply determined to show the world those different stories to enhance mutual understanding. He is a representative of the local city council and has an insight in politics.

One response to “About Us”

  1. Janey Niemeijer says :

    Super vette site, ziet er goed uit!! Mooi initiatief ook!

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