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pixadores Lotte van Geijn

Last week, I went to see  Pixadores on the IDFA-festival (the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam). It was the world- première. The director was present. He said that he started his project in 2010 and it eventually led to this documentary. A small part of his formal script included ‘train-surfing’, but because this does nor occur in Helsinki, the place where he lives, he decided to go the Brazil. In Sao Paulo he met a group of four guys. They showed him how to train-surf.

When you train-surf, you climb out of the window of a moving metro onto the roof. When you are on the rooftop you take the pose of ‘surfing the metro’, with your nose in the wind. It is a moment you can leave all your problems behind and just enjoy the kick and the adrenalin rush.

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