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Liberia, the land of signs

Graham Askey

I’d hesitate to recommend a decent and well publicized war as a development policy, but ten years of aid after Liberia’s horrors there are improvements due to foreign agencies which would never have occurred otherwise. If there is one thing aid agencies love doing it’s making sure everyone knows what they have been up to. Thus, crops of signs have sprung up everywhere promoting their good deeds. Even driving through small villages you can pass a cluster of them, counts of the toilets provided or the worthy provision of a school building. Elsewhere signs advocate good health and hygiene practice ( the words pee pee and poo poo spelling things out in language everyone will understand) and combatting violence against women and children. It’s a striking contrast to the crumbling wreck of Guinea where the characteristic white 4×4′s of aid agencies are a rare sight indeed, despite the evident need.

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