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Egypt is condemning the Syrian regime, but rhetoric is never enough.

Sherif Rizq

The Egyptian president Mursi has proven a great ability in classic rhetoric that was once effective around the beginning of the century, but not anymore. In his speech in the nonaligned countries meeting held in Iran last month he condemned the Al Assad regime by calling the uprising “a revolution against an oppressive regime,” thereby triggering a walk out by the Syrian delegation. Mursi used very old-fashioned wording that just doesn’t find any resonance anymore, using the moral commitment in a world that only acknowledges power. His rhetoric has to have a touch of reality.

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Can Al-Assad be like Saleh?

Baraa Shiban

The New York Times revealed a plan that shows that the US President Barack Obama is seeking to remove Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad from power similar to what happened in Yemen, in an attempt to stop the blood bath in Syria that has been taking place for more than a year. But Syria is not Yemen, so will this work?

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