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Erdem Gunduz at Taksim Square in Istanbul

Lotte van Geijn

In the story of David and Goliath I always forget who is who. Is David the giant and Goliath the shepherd boy? Or is David the shepherd boy and Goliath the giant?

I am standing in front of a huge statue. It is a man with a bag in one hand and a jacket loosely in the other.  He looks like he just got back from work, walking home, but suddenly decided to go into another direction. Tomorrow, he will not follow the same route to work again. Tomorrow, everything will be different. Behind this huge statue is a small army of green figures. Toy soldiers. We kneel down to look at them closely. I feel your breath on my face. Suddenly a soldier stumbles and within a domino effect the start to fall. This place makes me rebellion. We put the plastic soldiers back on their feet: ‘Back in line.’ One stubborn plastic soldier keeps looking at you. We decide to let him be different.