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A Dark Message to Shevchenko

Martijn Groenewold

The Ukrainian Andrey Shevchenko, alias Sheva, doesn’t play football anymore. He’s a politician now. In a deeply divided country, suffering from a tough economic situation, holding elections evidently leads to social unrest. Especially when there are serious allegations of corruption and cheating in the elections. The elections I’m talking about, are the parliamentary elections of the 28th of October in Ukraine. The problem of these elections is that they were basically the first serious elections since Viktor Yanukovych came into power in 2010. Because this man – and his party in general (the Party of Regions) – have a reputation of being corrupt and undemocratic, these elections have been seen by the Council of Europe and the OSCE as a serious test for the state of Ukrainian democracy. The ruling Party of Regions has miserably failed this test, so much is yet clear.

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