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FIFA: Being A Woman Is A Disability


Valerie Achille

FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) constantly pats itself on the back for promoting women’s football. One of FIFA stated missions is to “promote the development of women’s football and pledge to support women’s football financially.” Yet, controversial statements in the official “Laws of The Game” documentation has left people questioning whether this is another example of FIFA’s never-ending sex discrimination.

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Why is Buddhism so popular in the West?

Sanne van Oosten

For the last fifty years or so, Buddhism has been gaining followers in many Western countries. This development has progressed so far, that one could even say Buddhism is becoming completely mainstream. So mainstream, that plenty of words derived from Buddhism are interspersed into our language. Zen, karma, nirvana, mindfulness even people who know next to nothing of Buddhism have an idea of the meanings of these words. Also, it has completely penetrated the market of self-help books. “If the Buddha dated”, “Buddha in the Boardroom”, “Buddha Mom” and many more of such titles. But why is Buddhism so popular in the West?

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A new cold war? Two years on this article is more relevant than ever.

Editing Staff

Two years ago our blogger Sanne van Oosten predicted a new Cold War. With the recent annexation of Crimea this prediction seems more relevant than ever. This is what she wrote:

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What’s relative and what’s absolute?

You and I don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are

Sherif Rizq

“You and I don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”

Herb Cohen

This quote has truly settled a dispute that has always been troubling a lot of people, however, I don’t think it is yet worked out. I don’t believe either it will be settled. Many people will always keep asking who or what is absolutely right? The second question is even more difficult, if I am absolutely right then the other person is undoubtedly wrong. There may never be an answer to such questions. What’s relative and what’s absolute?

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Why we need female role models, even if fictional

Sanne van Oosten

With the premier of The Girl Who Played With Fire coming up, I am hoping that Hollywood managed to make the lead Lisbeth Salander as inspirational to women as the version in the novel by Stieg Larsson was. The second book to the Millenium­-trilogy was the book in which the character Lisbeth Salander was given depth that is unique for female characters in the history of literature.

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Singapore shows how cities and green can go together

Davey Meelker

When I was a local politician in Amsterdam, we often discussed the possibilities to make the dense city greener. It turned out that this was easier said than done. That is why the green city of Singapore made a great impression on me. Of course, it is hard to compare the modern city of Singapore with, for example,  the historical city of Amsterdam. Nevertheless, let Singapore’s green infrastructure be an inspiration to other cities.

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The social demand for religion

Sanne van Oosten

As I wrote in my last blog, Buddhism is hip, and not only that, it is becoming completely mainstream. And whenever people talk about the rise of Buddhism in the West, they explain how society felt a rising demand for the values explicated in Buddhist teachings and practices. But why aren’t people so open-minded when it comes to explaining such developments when it comes to religions other than Buddhism such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism?

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Welcome, immigrant

Rosa van de Beemt

im·mi·gra·tion  noun – the movement of non-native people into a country in order to settle there

Why one would choose to leave the home country and settle somewhere else can have many different reasons. Whatever the reason, there is much chance you won’t be received in your new country with flags and bells.

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Free magnets and stickers

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This is just the beginning

Bloggers without borders has only just started. The two founders will spend the next months blogging and searching for new bloggers all over the world. This way, each region of the world will be represented on this website and a world-wide network will be formed. Therefore we are searching for enthusiastic people to join our network and help us with our goal to promote global understanding.

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